Let me break that down for you:

  • We: that’s not just us. It’s you and us. And maybe even your users. We don’t work for you, we work with you. As one team. Of course we bring something to the table. We know a lot about digital products, brands, user behaviour and whatnot. But you know everything about your domain and your customers. That’s a mighty fine combination.
  • Make: we are design thinkers, very strategic, abstract, long-term, intellectual philosophers of technology. We help you with that big monster called Digital Transformation. Or Innovation. But we’re also design doers; UI designers, UX designers, storytellers, copywriters and so on. We actually deliver tangible results.
  • Stuff: that’s your product. Or your service. Or app, or application, or system, or solution, or software, or whatever you call it. In any case, it’s what you are doing to deliver your value to the end customer. We help you make that better, using all our expertise in strategy and design.

  • That matters: ah, there it is. Stuff that matters is stuff that you can manage. Sometimes it is the most innovative, high-tech solution that anyone has ever imagined in the whole world. But mostly, it is stuff that really helps your customers, that’s within your budget limits and that adds value to your business. That sounds a lot more realistic, right? And that’s perfectly fine. The stuff you offer must bring value to you, to your customers, to your employees and maybe also a little bit to us. That is what we call stuff that matters!

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