Our mission:
Make stuff that matters.

We know the sizzle sells the steak. But we also believe people love brands for what they actually deliver. So instead of putting all our effort in advertising, we try to design stuff customers really love to use. We make stuff that matters!

Our beliefs

One prototype is better than a hundred meetings.

To find out what really drives your customers, you need your product in the market. Even a bad prototype is better than a thousand meetings or strategies. Just make something and get it out there. Than make it better.

Everything is a prototype.

Great products are not designed in a single stroke. They are the result of a messy process with lots of pivots and tweaks. The challenge is not to get it right on the first shot, the challenge is to keep moving forward.

Good design is a team effort.

Design is more than just a graphic discipline. It’s a multidisciplinary approach that involves many perspectives. The best ideas don’t necessarily come from the mind of a single specialist.

Geert Tewissen

Strategy & Story

Gert Pellens

Freelance front-end development

Maarten Cox

Strategy & UX Design

Lies Pauwels

UX/UI Design

Niek Vandael

Freelance back-end development

Tina Sauwens

Project management

Jonas Verheijden

Brand & ui design

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