“In a small marketing team like ours, it’s easy to overlook the importance of a good strategy for a website. I’m really happy that Superlab pushed us to take a step back.”

Véronique Bossaert, Marketing Director at Brussels Philharmonic

The challenge

Going to a Brussels Philharmonic concert is a refreshing experience. You don’t have to wear a tuxedo and you don’t need to bring opera glasses. Instead you can eat hot dogs and popcorn, drink Belgian beers and dance into the night at the after party. But their website didn’t project that image at all. We were brought in to translate the fresh and premium identity that Brussels Philharmonic has offline to an online environment and improve the overall visual experience to make the orchestra more appealing to a younger public.

"The discovery workshop was just what we needed to get our bearings right."

Véronique Bossaert, Marketing Director at Brussels Philharmonic

Our approach

We always claim we work with our clients, not for them. In this case, co-creation started even before we were formally assigned to the project. Instead of pitching our services the traditional way, we asked the Brussels Philharmonic team to join us for a discovery workshop. We believe that’s way more efficient than working out a pitch deck based solely on our assumptions and preferences. Together with Véronique, Sonja and Nico we figured out what the actual expectations and requirements were. And then we waited for a phone call…


When the decisive call finally came, we already had a head start. We knew the calendar would be the beating heart of the website, but there was so much more content and information to organise.


In our storytelling, we kept in mind that our visitors could be both the connoisseur and the absolute beginner. For the former we designed a fast lane, working with a high-performant search function. For the latter we came up with the idea of rich concert pages that would invite them to keep on clicking and exploring without ever getting bored


With these broad outlines in mind, we started sketching components and UI patterns. We introduced a non-traditional navigation that’s sticky on the bottom of the screen. That directs the focus to the content, while keeping the menu available at all times.


Using different style tiles, we explored several visual styles together with our client. We decided to work with big photography, combined with bold typography to project the fresh and daring style of the orchestra. To balance it out, we chose for a limited colour scheme and a very readable serif font. The page lay-out was kept simple, with a clean grid for content cards and juxtaposed photography.


Since content management is key for a website like this, we chose a powerful and flexible CMS that focuses on the publishing experience. We believe it doesn’t have to be a chore to keep you content fresh and we found a like-minded partner in Craft CMS. For the front-end we developed a complete component library, making the website highly scalable and ready for future use.