“Superlab is more than an agency. They are diamond cutters that will cut and polish your stone into a well-shaped jewel.”

Jonas Coenen, co-founder and shareholder at Hyperlane

The challenge

When we started out, the company already had a brilliant technical solution, but no clear product offering and customer segmentation. The initial brief was to improve the usability of the existing interface and to create a new and refreshing visual identity for the brand. We took this brief as a starting point, but we soon discovered they needed a much more radical solution.

Our approach

Through user research we found that digital agencies were not yet ready for the complex platform the people at Hyperlane had in mind. Their existing solution was too complex and bulky and there wasn’t a good product-market fit. We set out to find out what agencies would desire in this type of solution. We used their input to reshape our ideas and came up with a complete new concept.

"Superlab has become an indispensable part of our team. We really enjoy working together.”

Bram Pieters, co-founder and CTO at Hyperlane

Workshop Hyperlane@2X

Think it through

We didn’t rush into answers, but started by exploring the question. We defined different potential users and wrote down our assumptions on their behaviour, pains and gains. We tried to picture how a cloud management platform would help them in their daily lives and what they could benefit from this kind of solution. The result was an elaborate set of assumptions on customer segments and their profiles.

Get out of the building

Because we didn’t want to take our assumptions for granted, we set out to interview potential customers from different segments. We discovered that the product was not yet ready to compete at enterprise-level but already too bulky for regular agencies. So we went back to the drawing table.

Less is more

Based on our findings, we came up with a concept for a more minimalist product, something that was less bulky and much more targeted. Because we went so far from the original brief our client was reluctant at first. But they soon realised there was an opportunity to enter a market with great potential. By collaborating and co-creating on a daily basis, we quickly gained their trust.

A new name

Together we decided that the new product deserved its own identity. We set out to find a name that would reflect the company’s ambition, style and customer segments. We organised brainstorming sessions and got every employee to think along. Finally, we landed on Hyperlane, which refers to the internet on the one hand and the fast lane on the other.


Contrary to most brands in this domain, we wanted to create something fresh and dynamic. Because functionality and clarity are so important, we designed a visual system that is bright and vibrant. We decided to use unconventional colors like bright purple and hot pink instead of the usual dark and soft colours. We chose for a readable, sans-serif font which displays nicely both on- and offline.


In Hyperlane’s domain, the content is often complex and technical. Our task in creating the brand’s voice and tone was to make every communication clear and understandable. We crafted messaging guidelines that reflect this ambition. Hyperlane uses casual and informal language and avoids jargon or abbreviations typical to the domain.

UX and UI Design

Minimal, flat & clear interface elements form the backbone of the interface. Even the less technical users have to feel at home on the platform. We paid extra attention to what we didn’t design: no extra frills or textures that would distract users from the job to be done. The overall experience is a tribute to Hyperlane’s main value proposition: to make it easy for digital agencies to deploy their projects over the cloud.