The challenge

Privacy is always a sensitive topic, especially when children are involved. While Ketnet was already paying a lot of attention to this topic, they asked us to revise the registration flow for their online platform. This might seem like a walk in the park for a UX agency like us, but the project contained more complexity than you might think at first sight. For example: children need to ask the explicit permission from one of their parents to create a new profile, but very often that parent is at another location. Just think about the complexity of working or divorced parents. It was our assignment to combine all these elements into a user-friendly and frictionless journey.

Our approach

For this project there were two important constraints. The first one was the timing: the job had to be done yesterday. The second one was the budget, which didn’t leave a lot of room for workshops or other co-creative sessions. But we didn’t want to abandon our co-creative approach so we came up with a lean and agile way of working that allowed us to work fast, but keep the client involved in every stage of the project.


First, we mapped every possible use cases to different registration flows. We sketched flow charts with all the jobs, reviewed and reworked them together with the people of Ketnet.


With these user flows as a starting point we began the actual design process and created wireflows. These wireflows show the entire registration process as a sequence of pages with only the most important data and input fields. As a result, we were able to simplify the registration process right from the get go.


Only when the big outlines were validated, we started to focus on the details and finished the wireframes.


Based on the wireframes we create the final designs for every screen in desktop and mobile versions. As Ketnet already had a defined visual identity, we made sure that we followed these guidelines to a T.